torsdag 25 juli 2013


My feet in the rain-soaked grass meets Mother Earth´s energy.
I hold my arms up with my hands stretched for Father Heaven.
In a consent process, where all I am and I am everything.
In a permission to enjoy everything and everyone, for I am, everything and everyone.
In a permission to release the power free.
Then it happens. It hits me in the lower back, an explosion of colors, tastes, tones, vibration. The energy spreads outwards inwards forward backward up down, and there, right in my middle, I am. One with everything.
There, my heartchakra expands to ancient times and back.
Again, I feel my toes in the wet grass. How much time passed? A lifetime?
I'm allowed to be released, released of whatever I want whenever I want. Mother Earth and Father Heaven meets in my heart and remind me of my existence, my purpose.

/Carola Lind 2013